Brexit, its not a done deal

Over the summer, Carmarthenshire Lib Dems have been out in force talking to people across the county about their hopes and fears for Brexit. It is clear that the majority are unhappy with the way the Brexit negotiations have been going and it will only get worse as we face the very real prospect of No-deal crash out of the EU.

Brexit promised us:-

● More cash for the NHS
● Control over immigration
● No more bureaucracy from Brussels
● More jobs
● Lucrative trade deals

What we will get:-

●  Cuts to the NHS.
●  Critical shortage of doctors and nurses.
●  Chlorine washed chicken, meat containing growth hormones, cosmetics with pesticides and food shortages.
●  Slashed workers rights.
●  50 years of austerity.

This is not what we were promised!

None of us voted to be poorer, less safe and with worse healthcare. Politicians have failed us.

WE need to take back control of the Brexit shambles. A PEOPLE’S VOTE is the only way forward.

Sign up now and regain control of yours and your families future.

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