Is Loneliness the new BLIGHT on our SOCIETY ?

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved” - Mother Teresa

People of all ages, living in towns and villages across the country feel lonely. It is as bad for your health as drinking, smoking or being overweight, but is an issue neglected by society. Welsh Liberal Democrat leader, Jane Dodds has been tirelessly campaigning for action to tackle the causes of loneliness, which afflicts many of us in Wales.

Carmarthenshire Liberal Democrats are calling on Carmarthenshire County Council to join us in addressing this unseen problem. It can be done.

Frome, a small town in the Wiltshire, pioneered an anti-loneliness scheme and has found that hospital admissions are down by 20%. This is saving the NHS £2 million, and making people feel happier and more connected.

We could be doing similar life changing schemes here in Carmarthenshire. We should demand so much more for our communities.

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