Parliament takes back control

Leena Farhat, Parliamentary Candidate for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr

If there is one thing the Tories are great at, it's scaremongering, and today marks a landmark victory for any party in opposition to the Tories. After weeks of Boris Johnson telling the privileged few who can vote for the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom that he would be prepared to suspend Parliament in order to deliver Brexit, today's vote has made this just another Tory pipe dream.

With a majority of 41 votes, a key amendment was passed that blocks the suspension of Parliament between October 9 and December 18, unless a Northern Irish Executive is formed. With the current government in sizeable disarray, as well as Parliament rising for the summer, I cannot see this executive ever forming. 

So what role have the Liberal Democrats played in this important vote? All of our MP's were there at the vote and were all united in voting for the amendment. We, as a party, have been pivotal in founding and maintaining the so-called 'Remain Alliance', an example of of what can be accomplished with cross-party work. It is the liberal way and is something I wholeheartedly welcome. 

However, we are still living in so much uncertainty and today's vote increases the threat of an Autumn snap general election, in which the Tories will make another poor attempt at getting a mandate to deliver on their fracturing promises. I'm proud to say that I, along with Carmarthenshire Liberal Democrats, am ready to demand better for our constituencies. Brexit is not irreversible, especially when the Tories officially lose their mandate. 

Together we can stop Brexit and get back to talking about the issues facing our area, from water pollution and flooding to inadequate hospital services and struggling local independent businesses. I will be fighting for my constituency. Join me and join the Liberal Democrats. Together we can demand better for Carmarthenshire. 

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